Thanks for your interest in becoming an affiliate.

We use the JVZoo platform to power our Magic Action Box Partnership Program. You will need to register for a JVZoo affiliate or vendor account (different from a customer account) before you can apply to be our partner.

If you already have a JVZoo affiliate/vendor account, visit the following links to make a request and apply for our affiliate program:

In order to maintain the quality of our affiliate promotions, you will either need to buy the product – send me a message that you bought the product with the email address you used to purchase the product (for verification) – or send an email to detailing how you intend to promote Magic Action Box.

Real quick, here are the terms:

  • You will make 50% commission of each respective item that you refer (to include recurring memberships).
  • All payments will be made no earlier than 30-days after the sale.
  • Any returns on a product will not count as a sale and all comissions made from a refunded item will be void.
  • There is no limit to how many sales you can make.
  • Any comissions from a product you buy for yourself will be void.

Misleading claims and fraud

  • Any commissions that are deemed to come from a misleading or fraudulent source or advertisement will be void.  (e.g. a site that claims that buying products from this site will “make you rich quick.”)
  • Do not use misleading PPC advertising.
  • Do not claim that these products have magical powers.
  • Do not be stupid and unethical.

As the product-line expands, I’ll give you more images and tools to use to promote products.  Good luck!

Affiliate Tools For Magic Action Box