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FaceBook Like Button Popup

How to Create A Popup With FB Like Button

fb like popupHere are the steps to create a popup with a FaceBook Like button.


Note: You actually only need Magic Action Popup Add-on if you want the FB Like button to be shown as a popup to visitors. You can just use Magic Action Box without the add-on and display the FB Like button within your content pages just like any other action box.

Alright, let’s get started.

Get your FB Like Button Code from FaceBook

Go to the FB Like Button Code Generator and fill out the URL to Like field. The other settings on the page are optional. I would also suggest to leave the Width field blank – unless you know what that will do when you add the code to Magic Action Box. Then click on the Get Code button.

FB Like Button Generator

You will be presented with two boxes of code. The first one is the code for the JavaScript SDK.

The second one is the code you use to indicate where you want the FB Like buttons to show up.

Copy both sets of code into a text file so we can use it later with Magic Action Box.

Copy FB Code

Note: Make sure you only load the JavaScript SDK once. Ideally, you would add this code right after the opening <body> tag. If you know how to do this, then copy only the code from the second box.

Now that you have the code from FaceBook, it is now time to

Create an Action Box

Log in to your WordPress Admin backend, then, go to Magic Action Box → New Action Box. You will be presented with the screen to select the action box type. Choose Optin Form.

Choose Action Box Type

On the next screen, fill in the name for your new action box, and choose an action box style. You can also change this later.

Edit Screen 1

Next, move down to the Opt In Form Settings section and in the Select Mailing List Provider option, choose Other (Copy & Paste) from the dropdown.

Select Mailing List Provider

Next, go down a bit to the Processed Opt In Form Code field below the Process Code button. This is where you paste in the code from FaceBook.

Note: There is also an Opt In Form Code field (without the Processed word). Leave this field blank. You never need to click Process Code button.

Paste FB Code

The next bit we will do is only done because we are loading the action box via popup. Popups are created on the page dynamically – after the page has been rendered. And if we do not do the next part, then the FB Like buttons won’t get loaded.

After you have pasted in the code from FaceBook, type the following code right below the pasted code:


Type additional code

That’s it for getting the Like Box to show up.

You’ll also want to add some heading text to your action box. Move down to the Opt In Copy section and fill in the Main Heading and Sub Heading fields. You don’t have to though.


Now, Save your action box.

At this point, you can actually start using this action box and add it before or after the content of your blog posts and pages, just like any other action box.

But, to show the FB Like button as a pop-up though, we’ll need the Magic Action Popup Add-on. Once you have the popup add-on installed, we can now

Create a Popup

In your WP Admin backend, go to Magic Action Popup → Create Popup. Make a descriptive name for your popup, and in the Select Action Box to Use In Popup dropdown, choose the FB Like action box that we created earlier. Also, make sure to Activate the popup.


Save/Publish the popup.

You can now assign the popup to specific posts and pages. Edit the blog post or page you want to add the popup to and look for the Magic Action Popup Settings section. Choose the popup we just created in the dropdown.


Or, you can also assign the popup to your front page, to all your blog posts or pages, or to specific categories. To view the options available, go to Magic Action Popup → Popup Settings and go through the tab options available.

Here’s What It Looks Like

fb like popup

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Advanced Ninja Tips and Tricks with Magic Action Box

In this video I show you how to use some advanced techniques to collect customer data that you otherwise wouldn’t normally be able to collect. I use this technique to easily get folks to opt-in to SMS marketing and give me a whole lot of information that I can then use to sell to them.

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New Update Coming Soon

Hey all. Yes, we are still developing the plugin. In fact we have a new update coming soon with some cool features. Stay tuned.

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Showcase: Geek and Jock – Avoiding Ad Exhaustion

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Announcement – Version 2.9 is Now Out with Big Changes!

Hey everybody!  We have some exciting stuff to share about Magic Action Box Pro and Ultimate and its new update.

Rebuilding from the ground up: One of the things that we have been working on for a while was the actual framework of the plugin.  The way that the plugin was originally coded didn’t provide the flexibility that we knew that we’d want in the future.  That being said, we did a major overhaul on the code so that MAB would eventually be able to have its own eco-system of user generated templates and features.  In other words, we have been paving the way to allow other MAB users to create add-ons to fit their needs and the needs of others.

Better User Interface (UI): We really want to make this plugin as easy as possible to use.  That being said, we changed the UI around to make it easier to do things.  Fun!

Conflicts with Other Themes and Plugins:  About 3% of the MAB population has this weird error that occurs in which extra paragraph tags are added to their action box – making it look like crap.  MAB now as a “Minify” option that should correct all of that craziness.

Better HTML parser for autoresponders: If you are using an autoresponder that uses funny HTML to create their forms (i.e. not HTML best practices), you shouldn’t have to use a workaround anymore.  With the new email parser code that we’ve developed, everything should work just fine now with your autoresponder.

Sidebar Widget:  You’ve asked for it, now you’ve got it.  Rather than having to use shortcode in your sidebar to have a an Action Box show up, you can now set up an opt-in form using a WordPress widget.  How easy!

More features to come: In the next few months we are going to be adding some more features, to include integration with Gravity Forms so that you can have a killer contact form box.  We also have some really cool surprises coming soon…  stay tuned :).

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Featured Showcase: Create As Folk

Talk about an amazing way to use Magic Action Box – Laura Simms from Create As Folk has found a very creative way to make unique opt-ins that not only look great, they are branded and personalized. They also vary per blog post which gives visitors a little surprise, something that could mean the difference between someone that visits and leaves and someone that subscribes.

Anyway, check out the video above and see how creative Laura Simms has been with the FREE version of Magic Action Box.

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Wysija: Making Newsletters Within WordPress Easy & Fun

There is no denying it that adding a newsletter service to your blog is one of the best [if not “the” best] ways for building a relationship with your users. If you’re not sure if a newsletter service is right for your blog, here are a few compelling reasons that should sway your mind.

Now there are a lot of newsletter service providers out there like Aweber, Constant Contact and InfusionSoft, to mention some popular options, but, they all charge money. Which may suck if you are just starting out or you don’t have a lot of subscribers [yet] to make paying for a service worthwhile.

Enter Wysija.

Wysija is a fairly new WordPress plugin – launched November 2011 – that aims to make creating and sending newsletters easy and fun. All from within your WordPress web site. Talk about awesome 🙂

Here are some of the features available with the plugin:

  • Up to 2,000 subscribers for the free version
  • Drag and drop visual editor
  • Newsletter sequencing [autoresponder]
  • Newsletter scheduling
  • Dozens of themes [with Photoshop files!]
  • Newsletter statistics
  • Subscription form sidebar widget
  • Shortcodes and Iframe
  • Import/Export subscribers
  • Single and Double Opt In
  • No ads in footer!

There are a few more features I haven’t mentioned – and a few more coming up on the roadmap – but essentially, the free [but still awesome] version has pretty much everything most users would ever need to run their own newsletter.


Magic Action Box integrates with Wysija. Just install both plugins, select Opt In action box type and you should find Wysija in the list of newsletter service providers.

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Getting Started With Magic Action Box Pro and Ultimate (And How To Kick Asss With Them)

Yes, it is long overdue, but it’s finally done – the first part in a series of tutorials that will help you make the most out of Magic Action Box Pro and Ultimate.

There are so many things that you can do with these versions of the plugin that it is pretty insane.


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Boosting Conversions Using Powerful Calls-to-Action on Your Blog Posts

Creating a blog for your products is a great way to reach your target audience and promote interaction. It can be used as a leverage to convert potential customers into buyers through optimized content while also building a connection with them. It allows you to tackle certain issues that your target readers are concerned with and provide your input, solutions, or new perspectives.

So, is your blog producing results? It is one thing to get a heap amount of traffic but it is another thing to convert that traffic into buyers or subscribers. What can you do to easily make visitors do what you want them to do when they visit your blog?

The very first thing you need to start with is to clearly define what you want to attain from your visitors so that you would know exactly what you want them to do. Are you building an email list, selling products, or getting information? If so, then make it clear and start from there.

Once you know what you want to get, then all you need now is to clearly guide your visitors to that action.  This is where a lot of blog owners get it wrong. They write amazing pieces of content but fail to draw out a clear pathway on what they want because they are not aware that their readers are just waiting for them to provide that all important next step. Giving a clear and concise call to action is what separates a good post from a great post that converts.

What is the Purpose of Your Call to Action?

A call to action is more than a mere phrase that tells people what to do. It helps your content push people towards a decision to act or not. The purpose is not just to make someone click, or sign up but to show them the benefit of making that particular action.

It also makes it easier for your visitors to realize the benefits and advantages of building a connection with you via your blog. It helps in easing their concerns which is essential in their decision to invest in your services or products.

Calls to Actions

Examples of Calls-to-Action Telling A Reader What to Do

So, how do you effectively incorporate calls to action into your blog?

With the information and technology available right now, there are numerous ways to take your readers to the next level using your calls to action. Some incorporate them in blog posts which can serve as a navigation tool while also offering content while others place it before or after the post using an interesting phrase or sentence.

A majority of blogs these days operate under the WordPress platform mainly because of the flexibility and freedom that can be done with it. Numerous plugins make it easier for bloggers to do certain tasks without the need for manual coding. You can even find plugins that helps you incorporate effective calls to action in your blog posts.

Lastly, incorporating a great call to action will make all the difference for your blog. Supercharge your blog posts with effective calls to action that emphasizes value and see your conversions hit the roof. Remember, it’s all about telling people what to do.


Do you have your own way of making calls-to-action that convert? Or a unique way to boost your blog posts?  I’d like to hear from you!

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Magic Action Box Spotlight: How Gravity Marketing Delivers Relevant Content

gravlogoEvery month we will be featuring websites that do amazing, crazy, and brilliant things with Magic Action Box and Magic Action Popup.  Just because we have a certain idea about how you should use the plugin, doesn’t mean that there are better ways.

This month we want to feature one offline business that is using the plugin to create some amazing, unique, and relevant sales funnels – Gravity Marketing.

Dan, the founder of Gravity Marketing, is an award-winning new media expert with 9 years experience in TV & Film production and conversion-based Internet marketing.  His business is hired to generate revenue through SEO and paid lead generation, conversion optimization and customer retention.

Dan is the real deal.

So how does Gravity Marketing use Magic Action Box to get new customers?  Well, the power of his strategy is in the uniqueness of each of his offerings.

Not only is the Gravity Marketing site gorgeous, it is a call-to-action heaven.  Since Dan offers his clients different marketing strategies according to their needs, his method of visitor-to-customer conversion is offering a taste of his expertise for each strategy.

For example, check out his Mobile Marketing page:


Now compare that with his Video Marketing Page:

Video marketing

How about his Search Engine Marketing Page?


Notice something? He gives a relevant FREE resource for each of the topics that are discussed.  Think about how powerful that is.  For example, when he hands someone his business card while networking, he simply needs to tell someone who is interested in SEO to visit his SEO page and BAM!!  He now not only has a warm lead, but that warm lead is on his mailing list and also knows that Gravity Marketing KNOWS THEIR STUFF.


Kudos to Gravity Marketing for being so creative with Magic Action Box and their sales funnel.  We can’t wait to hear about Dan’s success in the coming months!

Do you use Magic Action Box or Magic Action Popup in a creative way?  Let us know to have a chance at being our featured business of the month!

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