Using Magic Action Box with built-in integration

Magic Action Box integrates with some some of the most popular email list services and form plugins.

This guide will show you the general steps to take to integrate your email list provider and form plugins with Magic Action Box. There are two options depending on the service you want to integrate with.

1.a Connect your email list provider

You can connect most email list providers that Magic Action Box integrates with by going to Magic Action Box → Main Settings → Accounts & Integration tab.

Accounts & Integration


Follow the instructions for connecting your email list provider with Magic Action Box. Usually you just need to enter in an authorization key or access token.

These are the email list providers that we have built-in integration with:

  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • MailChimp
  • SendReach
My email list provider is not on the list!Don’t worry if your email list provider is not on the list. As long as the service you use can provide you with an HTML form code, then, you can still use the custom code with Magic Action Box. See this guide on how to use custom HTML form code with Magic Action Box.

1.b Or activate the supported plugin

Magic Action Box also integrates with other WordPress form plugins to enhance their form designs and add more options to form placement.

These are the plugins that we integrate with:

  • MailPoet Newsletters
  • Gravity Forms
  • Contact Form 7
  • Postmatic

To integrate with these plugins, just activate the plugin and you should be good to go.

2. Create your action box

Go to Magic Action BoxNew Action Box.

Add New Action Box Screen

Choose Optin Form.

There are different types of action boxes and you cannot change the type of an action box once you have chosen it’s type.

In the next screen, set a descriptive name for your action box. Something like: Sidebar form or In-post form or Homepage form.

Right below the title field, you’ll see the Action Box: General Settings section. Skip that for now and look for the Select Mailing List Provider drop-down in the next section further down.

Choose your email list provider in the drop-down.

Email list provider dropdown

Next, style your action box. Go back up and look for the Action Box Style drop down select box and choose a style.

Edit Screen 1

And add in the headings and other text you want the action box to have. You can also show an image to go along with your action box.

Set action box imageNow save your action box.

3. Add the action box to your blog post or page

Edit the blog post or page where you want your action box to be displayed. Scroll down past the content editor and look for the Select Action Box dropdown.

Assign action box

Choose the action box that you created in the drop-down.

Also specify the placement of your action box – before or after the content. By default, it will be set to show after the content.

4. Save the blog post

That’s it. View your blog post and you should see the action box show up below the content (if you chose the After Content option).

If you are getting problems, visit to our support site at and create a ticket. We’ll get in touch within 24 hours.




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