Magic Action Box Launch and What’s Coming in Version 2.0

Hey! The Magic Action Box launch was a huge success!  We got a lot of people on board that are now making amazing call-to-action boxes for their content, getting more people on their list and making more sales.

As with any launch, there are things that pop up!  That being said, here are some items that were raised and what we are gonna do with them:

  1. “There should be a sales box option rather than just an optin form.  I want to lead people to a product” – Great idea, it’s in the next update.
  2. “I want to see what my Action Box will look like” – We are going to add thumbnail image previews of what it will look like.
  3. “More styles please” – You got it.
  4. “Can I add this into the sidebar” – Well… No.  Here’s why… The primary purpose of Magic Action box is not to be just an optin form creator.  It’s primary goal is to use your content to qualify prospects.  When something is in the sidebar it is usually global, thus defeated the purpose.  However, we may add this as an upgrade for the future or as a separate product.

We are also going to be adding a button generator that you can use to make your own button styles in the Sales Box type.

We got more in store in the next few months!