Converting More Visitors Is About To Get Very Easy With Magic Action Popup

If you bought the Pro version of Magic Action Box, you are going to be in for a treat.  We have been working hard on putting out the first release of Magic Action Popup, an add on that let’s you create popups using the designs and action boxes that you’ve already created using Magic Action Box.

How is this different than other popup plugins?

Well, glad you asked…  The two big difference in Magic Action Popup are that it is super targeted and it let’s you use Sales boxes and Optin Boxes.

It is targeted because…

Where all other popup plugins only let you use one popup per site, or maybe even for a category, Magic Action Popup lets you use an unlimited amount of plugins all over your site.

For example, you can have a popup with one offer on your home page, and a completely different popup on an individual post.   Why is this awesome?  Because if your blog is like mine, you get traffic to specific posts too via search engines.

Imagine if you could give a relevant popup with an offer to those people who are searching for it?

Use your already created Action Boxes as your popups

The beauty of this is that if you have an amazing offer that you really want people to see, and that you’ve already made into an Action box, with only a few clicks, you can also put it right in front of their screen.   You don’t have to reinvest your Action Box designs, just use the ones that you already have.

Not only that, most popups only let you create opt-in forms.  Now you can create clear call-to-action popups that guide your visitors anywhere you want on the site.

For example, I could create a popup like this that gets emails:

Magic Action Popup

Or…  You can go crazy and put a “buy me now” box in front of your visitor (on a completely separate post too!):

Magic Action Popup

Awesome, yeah?

More good things a’ comin…

On top of Magic action Popup, there are a lot of other cool and new additions to Magic Action Box Pro that are coming very soon.  So if you haven’t got it yet, go and get it now! 🙂

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