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Magic Action Box Spotlight: How Gravity Marketing Delivers Relevant Content

gravlogoEvery month we will be featuring websites that do amazing, crazy, and brilliant things with Magic Action Box and Magic Action Popup.  Just because we have a certain idea about how you should use the plugin, doesn’t mean that there are better ways.

This month we want to feature one offline business that is using the plugin to create some amazing, unique, and relevant sales funnels – Gravity Marketing.

Dan, the founder of Gravity Marketing, is an award-winning new media expert with 9 years experience in TV & Film production and conversion-based Internet marketing.  His business is hired to generate revenue through SEO and paid lead generation, conversion optimization and customer retention.

Dan is the real deal.

So how does Gravity Marketing use Magic Action Box to get new customers?  Well, the power of his strategy is in the uniqueness of each of his offerings.

Not only is the Gravity Marketing site gorgeous, it is a call-to-action heaven.  Since Dan offers his clients different marketing strategies according to their needs, his method of visitor-to-customer conversion is offering a taste of his expertise for each strategy.

For example, check out his Mobile Marketing page:


Now compare that with his Video Marketing Page:

Video marketing

How about his Search Engine Marketing Page?


Notice something? He gives a relevant FREE resource for each of the topics that are discussed.  Think about how powerful that is.  For example, when he hands someone his business card while networking, he simply needs to tell someone who is interested in SEO to visit his SEO page and BAM!!  He now not only has a warm lead, but that warm lead is on his mailing list and also knows that Gravity Marketing KNOWS THEIR STUFF.


Kudos to Gravity Marketing for being so creative with Magic Action Box and their sales funnel.  We can’t wait to hear about Dan’s success in the coming months!

Do you use Magic Action Box or Magic Action Popup in a creative way?  Let us know to have a chance at being our featured business of the month!

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How Does Google Rank Websites and Other Meaningless Questions

At the end of this blog post you will know more than 95% of ordinary people who think they understand how the web works.  The purpose of this, is to help you ensure that your content gets seen by more readers via search engines in a way that most people ignore.

I’m not gonna get into the technical aspect of search engine optimization, but we’re going to focus on one thing that can bring tremendous value.

How Does Google Rank Websites?

If you work with small business owners or new bloggers, you’ve probably heard the question ” how do I get my websites to the top of Google?”

I hate that question…

The main reason for my hared is because of the fundamental misunderstanding of search engine rankings and how the web works.

In short, search engines do not rank websites, they rank pages within a website!

When a search engine is crawling your site, they are going to each individual page gathering data.  In short, they’re looking for two things, how your page is structured and how many authoritative links are pointing back to this individual page?

Why is this important?  Well…  It means that you have an infinite opportunity to create content that the search engines love and that you can use to funnel people back to your main site or wherever you want them to go.

Examples please…

So now that I’ve thoroughly confused you, let me give you some examples of what I’m talking about.  Hopefully these will help clarify what I mean.

Say you had a real estate website in Orange County, California.  Sure, your site can display all the great things that you have to offer to your clients and how you are the number one real estate agent in the county, but that’s going to do crap for you search engine wise.

Or, what you can do is start creating blog posts with keywords like the ones below (low competition and decent traffic) to start getting a multitude of people to your content, and then on the phone talking to you about the place they want to rent or buy.

rent seo

Of course, you’ll have to do some link building.  But depending on the keywords you choose to target with your content, that can easily be done by commenting on other blogs and creating content on the web 2.0 pages that link back to your page.

Now, this is a hypothetical example.  However, I do this regularly on one of my other blogs and it works out great.  There are numerous posts that act as  search engine channels that I use to build my email list, introduce new people to my blog, and sometimes even sell products.

Here’s an example of how one of my blogs gets more traffic to two of my posts than it does to the homepage (this is per day).

Rankings Stats

As you can see this can be very very powerful if used in the right way.  You can literally target as many keywords is you want sometimes even if they’re not relevant (of course, the more relevant the better).  You can then use those posts to build your email list or whatever!

So, now, please stop asking “How Does Google Rank Websites?”

Do you target specific keywords for your individual posts?  Do you take the time to research what could potentially bring you more traffic?  If so, let us know what is been successful for you in the comments!

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